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Bloom Characters


The cast of Bloom thus far, ordered by appearance. Will be updated as new characters are introduced. Pokémon listed are listed as their current evolution at the current point of the comic. Warning: Contains minor spoilers.

Main Cast


  • Type: Dragon
  • Best Link: Haxorus
  • Warrior Ability: ???
  • Kingdom of Origin: Aurora?

A young, excitable, and ambitious aspiring warlord. She aims to be the first person to conquer all 17 kingdoms of the Ransei Region and meet the legendary Pokémon said to appear. Unfortunately, she has a tendency to rush headfirst into battles and knows absolutely nothing about battling, leaving her subordinates to do most of the work. She's also just not a very tactful person. Her Haxorus partner is very laid back in contrast to her excitable and bubbly attitude.


  • Type: Dark/Ground
  • Best Link: Spiritomb
  • Other Links: Onix
  • Warrior Ability: Crack Shot
  • Kingdom of Origin: ???

A ninja who left her former master after Nobunaga took over the kingdom. She tends to speak her mind. After wandering in search of a place not under Nobunaga's control, she ended up running into an airheaded idiot known to the world as Saku. Why in the world she ever agreed to help the warlord, she has no idea. After all, it's questionable whether taking part in conquering Nobunaga's kingdoms is really worth trying to educate an airheaded teenager in Pokémon battling.


  • Type: Normal
  • Best Link: Jigglypuff
  • Warrior Ability: Sweet Song
  • Kingdom: Aurora

Originally the warlord of Aurora kingdom, Oichi is a timid and easily worried individual. Despite her shy nature, she is very dependable and possesses decent common sense. She's also fairly knowledgeable about the geography of the Ransei region, which means she usually plans Saku's expeditions. However, she has trouble keeping up with her energetic master's whirlwind pace.

Active Party

Other warlords currently travelling with Saku & co.


  • Type: Water
  • Best Link: Samurott
  • Warrior Ability: Rally
  • Kingdom: Fontaine

The warlord of the Fontaine kingdom. Saku fangirls over him a lot. He's mysterious and rebellious, and says a lot of odd or cryptic things. A skilled shamisen player, the only tempo he follows is his own.


  • Type: Dark/Ice
  • Best Link: Sneasel
  • Warrior Ability: Convalesce
  • Kingdom of Origin: Terrera

A stubborn and playful ninja from the Terrera kingdom. Despite her frivolous personality, she is sincere and very attached to her masters, Yukimura and Shingen. She seems to have a rivalry with Chiyome.



  • Type: Dragon
  • Best Link: Hydreigon
  • Warrior Ability: ???
  • Kingdom: Dragnor

Ambitious and formidable, Nobunaga has swept the Ransei region in a wave of conquest and taken control of nearly every kingdom...that is, until Saku started taking over all his kingdoms. He can be very intimidating. His true goal is uncertain, but he rules firmly. He also tends to say "Ha" in front of every sentence, and has a magnificent evil laugh.


  • Type: Fire
  • Best Link: Chimchar
  • Warrior Ability: Quick Strike
  • Kingdom: Ignis

An upbeat and monkey-like man, Hideyoshi has cheerfully presided over the Ignis kingdom. Despite his careless appearance, Hideyoshi is actually a very strategic warlord and capable of being ruthless.


  • Type: Ice
  • Best Link: Lapras
  • Warrior Ability: ???
  • Kingdom: Nixtorm

The warlord of Nixtorm kingdom, he used to serve Nobunaga faithfully as one of his closest and strongest subordinates. But after realizing Nobunaga's violent methods, he's now branched out on his own path of conquest against his former lord. While he can be cold, determined, and ruthless, Mitsuhide can also let himself become easily stressed. He dotes on his daughter Gracia and tends to be an overprotective father.


  • Type: Grass
  • Best Link: Snivy
  • Warrior Ability: Brotherhood
  • Kingdom: Greenleaf

Elderly but still going strong, Motonari is one of the most scholarly warlords in Ransei. He dreams of a united Ransei in which he can peacefully retire to study history. Unfortunately, new troubles keep coming up that keep him busy as a warlord.


  • Type: Bug/Steel
  • Best Link: Pineco
  • Warrior Ability: Deep Breath
  • Kingdom: Chrysalia

What even is Yoshimoto.


  • Type: Electric
  • Best Link: Luxray
  • Warrior Ability: Bustle
  • Kingdom: Violight

Incredibly stubborn and prideful, Ginchiyo is the most recent in a long line of warlords ruling the Violight kingdom. She is a fierce battler and enjoys crushing her opponents. Her husband, Muneshige, often tries to offer advice which she adamantly refuses.


  • Type: Fighting
  • Best Link: Gurdurr
  • Warrior Ability: Mighty Blow
  • Kingdom: Pugilis

A battle-hardened veteran and gambling addict, Yoshihiro loves to battle no matter what the odds of winning. The less in his favor, the better. Tough and stubborn, he lives by a mix of ferocity and "go with the flow".


  • Type: Steel/Rock
  • Best Link: ???
  • Warrior Ability: ???
  • Kingdom: Valora

The warlord of Valora kingdom and a close acquaintance of Nobunaga. He's a very boring person.


  • Type: Ground/Rock
  • Best Link: Rhyperior
  • Warrior Ability: Rally
  • Kingdom: Terrera

As the warlord of Terrera kingdom, he is supposedly strong enough to be a match for Nobunaga, despite the fact that his kingdom was overrun by Nobunaga and subsequently Saku. He is actually a skilled battler though, as well as a pleasantly jovial personality.


  • Type: Ghost/Dragon
  • Best Link: Mismagius
  • Warrior Ability: Added Bonus
  • Kingdom: Spectra

The cousin of Mitsuhide and wife of Nobunaga, Nohime is perhaps the most sadistic warlord of them all. Clever and cunning with a penchant for ghost Pokémon, she is good at both ensnaring her enemies and scaring the pants off them.


  • Type: Psychic/Fighting
  • Best Link: Gallade
  • Warrior Ability: Bustle
  • Kingdom: Illusio

Serious and intense, Kenshin doesn't say much. He enjoys battling in what might be interpreted by some as quiet sadism, but is a firm believer in the power of love, honor, and righteousness. He's rivals with Shingen and refers to him as "Nemesis".

Minor Warlords


  • Type: Steel/Dark
  • Best Link: Pawniard
  • Other Links: Scizor
  • Warrior Ability: Marksman
  • Kingdom of Origin: ???

Part of a traveling trio with Kiyomasa and Masanori, Mitsunari has a tendency to be blunt and stuck up. He thinks he's better than everyone else, and in some aspects, he's not wrong. He's frustrated by the stupidity that the rest of the world seems to demonstrate, and always seems to be getting caught up in other people's problems. Despite that, he will help out those whom he does recognize to possess some skill. He also wears the most fabulous fuzzball in all of Ransei.


  • Type: Dragon/Ground
  • Best Link: Fraxure
  • Warrior Ability: Empathy
  • Kingdom of Origin: ???

Part of a traveling trio with Mitsunari and Masanori. He thinks he's better than Mitsunari and tends to get along better with Masanori. He is a bit of a peacemaker between the three, but that doesn't stop him from still being a snooty person.


  • Type: Ground/Dark
  • Best Link: Krokorok
  • Warrior Ability: Impact
  • Kingdom of Origin: ???

Part of a traveling trio with Mitsunari and Kiyomasa. The most simple-minded of the three, he's definitely brawn over brains. He's very loud and says things bluntly without thinking about the consequences.


  • Type: Electric/Fire
  • Best Link: Pikachu
  • Warrior Ability: Added Bonus
  • Kingdom of Origin: Ignis

One of the most intelligent people and brilliant strategists in all of Ransei, his intellect combined with Kanbei's make them the perfect strategical duo. He's pretty witty, but also rather lazy. He dreams of a world in which he can sleep all day and have zero responsibilities.


  • Type: Ghost/Fire
  • Best Link: Litwick
  • Warrior Ability: Impact
  • Kingdom of Origin: Ignis

Highly intelligent, Kanbei is perhaps Ransei's coldest and most ruthless strategist. But his combined intellect with Hanbei makes them the perfect strategical duo. Kanbei still believes that in order to unite the region, a warlord must be willing to do anything to suppress opposition, no matter how cold-blooded it may be. Hanbei likes to find alternatives for him.


  • Type: Psychic/Ice
  • Best Link: ???
  • Other Links: Munna
  • Warrior Ability: Added Bonus
  • Kingdom of Origin: Nixtorm

The daughter of Mitsuhide, Gracia is a bright and curious young lady. Because of her sheltered upbringing, she tries to be independent and has an unquenchable thirst to see the world. As a result, she tends get herself into dangerous and complicated situations, often dragging others into them with her. She is also fiercely loyal to her father, despite how overprotective he is.


  • Type: Rock/Fighting
  • Best Link: Shieldon
  • Warrior Ability: Mighty Blow
  • Kingdom of Origin: Terrera

Once a subordinate of Shingen, he couldn't handle being in an army and taking orders from someone else, so he upped and left to become a freely wandering and carefree spirit. Keiji enjoys a wild lifestyle with no sense of direction and lots of freedom. Or at least, he did until he took a dive off a cliff. Now he's probably splattered at the bottom of it, crushed under the body of his Shieldon...


  • Type: Fire/Flying
  • Best Link: ???
  • Other Links: Pignite
  • Warrior Ability: Mighty Blow
  • Kingdom of Origin: Terrera

A subordinate of Shingen and a fiercely loyal warrior. His passion for the way of the warrior tends to make him very single-minded. Saku blames him for causing Keiji to jump off a cliff, which he claims he has no fault in and as a result hates Saku and thinks she's an idiot with no common sense. He might not be entirely wrong.


  • Type: Flying/Normal
  • Best Link: Staraptor
  • Warrior Ability: Marksman
  • Kingdom of Origin: Violight

Ginchiyo's husband. He's very calm and free-spirited. He often tries to guide her fiery attitude, and is usually met with rejection. Still, he takes it and just keeps rolling. Or flying. He is a flying-type specialist, after all...


  • Type: Fighting/Steel
  • Best Link: Lucario
  • Other Links: Dragonair
  • Warrior Ability: Empathy (Rank I), Faith (Rank II)
  • Kingdom of Origin: Dragnor

Nobunaga's right-hand man and most faithful servant. He can appear cold and ruthless, but he can also be worried or stressed easily. He's a skilled battler, not such a skilled people person. He's often mistaken for a girl due to his feminine good looks, but he's rather oblivious to that impression and seems to think of himself as the embodiment of manliness.


  • Type: Ice
  • Best Link: ???
  • Warrior Ability: ???
  • Kingdom of Origin: Nixtorm

Mitsuhide's son and Gracia's older brother. Somewhat self-centered, he is perhaps Ransei's most extravagant and stylish warlord, because no one rocks that ponytail flip like he does, nor can they sparkle every time they turn their head to flip that ponytail.


  • Type: Grass
  • Best Link: Lilligant
  • Warrior Ability: Fortify
  • Kingdom of Origin: Greenleaf

Motonari's grandson, he shares his grandfather's intellect and scholarly pursuits. He also seems to be wise beyond his years, and has a polite disposition.


  • Type: Grass/Flying
  • Best Link: Grovyle
  • Warrior Ability: Crack Shot
  • Kingdom of Origin: Avia

A flirtatious mercenary who thinks he's better-looking than he actually is.


  • Type: Bug/Fire
  • Best Link: ???
  • Other Links: Scolipede
  • Warrior Ability: Convalesce
  • Kingdom of Origin: Spectra

Nohime's right-hand servant, Okuni is a flirty and free-spirited dancer. She sort of goes with the flow and enjoys what she does.


  • Type: Ghost/Dark
  • Best Link: Haunter
  • Warrior Ability: Marksman
  • Kingdom of Origin: Viperia

A ninja, who is probably a much more qualified ninja than any other ninja in the comic so far. He must speak in some form of telepathy that is not audible to mere humans, since the only thing he has said in the comic so far is a sophisticated rendition of "..."


  • Type: Fire/Rock
  • Best Link: ???
  • Other Links: Simisear
  • Warrior Ability: Quick Strike
  • Kingdom of Origin: Cragspur

A fierce and fiery young lady who has surprising physical strength. Though energetic, she is seemingly attention-starved and is constantly trying to get people to notice her and acknowledge her beauty. She doesn't get along well with Kunoichi.


  • Type: Ice/Ghost
  • Best Link: ???
  • Other Links: Beartic
  • Warrior Ability: Sweet Song
  • Kingdom of Origin: Illusio

Kenshin's older sister. She is harsh, icy and unforgiving. In an ironic twist she uses her cold heart to spread the teachings of love, though most don't believe her frozen soul is capable of it. She insists she knows it, though, and also dotes on her little brother quite a bit. Or maybe she's just using "love" as an excuse to find creative ways to make fun of Kenshin.


  • Type: Psychic
  • Best Link: ???
  • Other Links: Kirlia
  • Warrior Ability: Rally
  • Kingdom of Origin: Illusio

Do you so nobly and righteously see this honorably majestic and honorable hat of righteous love and honor? Kanetsugu is the righteously zealous and incredibly honorable and lovingly faithful subordinate of his just and righteous Lord Kenshin and honorable student of the fair and loving Lady Aya, and is the most honorable and righteous protector of love, honor and righteousness in all of honorable Ransei.



  • Kingdom of Origin: Who knows

Ransei's most overworked and under appreciated citizen.


  • Type: Fire/Rock
  • Best Link: ???
  • Warrior Ability: ???
  • Kingdom of Origin: Cragspur

Kaihime's father. He's strict when he's in charge, but actually a very caring parent.

Cameo Characters

Characters appearing in Ransei from elsewhere


Hanbei's younger brother, visiting from an alternate version of Ransei.


Not originally from Ransei, but somehow is very good friends with Shigenori.


A messenger boy who originates from a different comic, he does not belong in this era.


A mysterious shopkeeper who should not be as cheerful as she is. Originally from a different comic, she mysteriously appeared in Illusio to sell items to our heroes, but who knows where she got that ponigiri from.


Clea's younger brother, another hardworking and underappreciated citizen who hails from another comic.