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Bloom Trivia


Random facts about this comic, both on the comic itself and the making of it!

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Story and Character Trivia

  • Saku is actually six feet tall. This also makes her an inch taller than Motochika.

  • Motonari has 11 children, 9 sons and 2 daughters. Terumoto is the son of Takamoto, Motonari's eldest son.

  • In Chapter 4, Saku broke the fourth wall by referencing Harry Potter. This reference was followed up on by a sneaky background cameo from the wizard himself in Chapter 18 Page 13.

  • Hanbei is actually two years older than Kanbei.

  • Mitsunari hates persimmons, to the point that he equates them with poison.

  • Kunoichi's name is actually a term used to refer to a female ninja (ie a female ninja is a kunoichi). This means she wins for least original name.

  • Aside from Yoshimoto, Motochika has the best natural aptitude for playing Pokemari. Since discovering his affinity for the game, Motochika is just fine with having swapped kingdoms with Yoshimoto.

  • Saku has actually remodeled or made some form of internal modification to every single castle she has conquered.

  • Hidemitsu is so gorgeous he's the only character who had natural shading in their hair prior to Chapter 13.

  • In Chapter 13, Yukimura's older brother Nobuyuki was present in the Terrera army.

The Author and the Making of Bloom

  • Bloom is not based on any play through of any kind. The author writes the story and choreographs the battles completely from her head, and with a great deal of assistance from her sister. It seems to have worked so far.

  • Although Bloom is not based on a play through of Pokémon Conquest, the author has literally beaten the heck out of the game. She occasionally thinks about playing it again, only to remember it would be pointless as she has already completed all of the post-game episodes, ranked up every single warlord, is rolling in gold, maxed out her link (multiple times, having replayed episodes), and basically holds Ransei in the palm of her hand.

  • In contrast, the author's sister and editor has never played Pokémon Conquest, only watched her sister play it.

  • Saku's design was somewhat inspired by the original female character's design, but deliberately made to be different. Her design was also made to include lots of flower and bright colors, which is fine in regular pages, but when creating full-on shaded pieces, shading all of her colors turns into a ginormous pain in the butt.

  • The author got Saku's name from Google Translate. It means "Bloom" in Japanese. After all, she and her sister have strived for originality throughout this whole comic making process.

  • Why did Keiji jump off a cliff? Because whilst typing the outline for the story, the author briefly became stumped as to what should happen next. So she paused her typing, looked up and said to her sister "We need a twist." Her sister replied "Make Keiji jump off a cliff." This was met with a prompt "No." followed by "....Actually..."

  • Swapping and moving the warlords away from their original kingdoms in the beginning of the comic was a move made to be deliberately different from the game. Also, like most brilliant ideas during the writing of the comic, the author's sister came up with it.

  • The comic was originally going to be in black and white or partial color. Once again, it was the author's sister to the rescue for stubbornly ensuring the colorful future of the comic by sneakily coloring a page herself while the author was away (namely Chapter 1 Page 3). As the author has gotten more skilled with Photoshop since the comic's beginning, it has steadily moved away from black and white and greyscale panels and now lives in full color.

  • Chapter 12 was the first chapter to use a tablet for shading and background effects. Prior to that, any shading and effects were done with a mouse.

  • How did Saku end up with Axew, out of all Pokémon? Again, trying to be different from the original game, the author and her sister didn't want to roll with the default Eevee. So they went to the ever trusty, and scrolled through a list of all obtainable Pokémon in Ransei until they came across Axew and went "Hey, Axew's pretty cool, let's do that one."